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Sample of Previous Speaking Engagements
- PopTech
- Feast on Good
- Google
- Microsoft
- VMWorld
- Advisory Board Company
- Nokia
- Intel
- Crayola
- Paypal
- Stanford
- Berkeley


Pop Tech

TEDx Santa Cruz

"Wonderfully joyful"
"Jay is a creative force. He sees the world through a different lens than the rest of us. Whenever I hear Jay talk, or see some of his wonderfully joyful inventions, I come away with a smile on my face and new ideas in my head."
~ MIT Media Lab, Mitch Resnick

"Easily a crowd favorite"
"Jay was one of the biggest surprises we had at PopTech 2012. Easily a crowd favorite, Jay is an engaging and lively speaker, spreading the gospel of DIY art-tech with an infectious blend of humor and intelligence."
~ Pop Tech, Kiley Lambert

"Fun and weird"
"We had the pleasure of experiencing Jay for a full morning workshop, where he took our clients on a great journey through the workings of the human mind to unlock our potential to think creatively. The event was inspiring, fun and weird - all at the same time."
~ Google, Sune Nielsen

"Offspring of Rube Goldberg and Martha Stewart"
"Jay Silver is who I imagine the crazy, brilliant, playful offspring of Rube Goldberg and Martha Stewart might be from an alternate universe. His simple and elegant, but wildly innovative creations and inventions remind us that science is surprisingly accessible, and well… FUN. As an inventor, rather than providing a roadmap to wonderment, he'd just as soon point out the North Star, hand us the keys to a rocket and send us on to find our own dazzling way. As a speaker, he has much the same effect on audiences. At times funny and charming, at others, creatively challenging, he was engaging, thoughtful and left us all intrigued by how WE might show up as makers in a world meant to be DIY for every human. And be prepared to be delighted too. (We certainly were!) I dare you not to be."
~ TEDx Santa Cruz, Irene Tsouprake

"Held the audience in the palm of his hand"
"Jay Silver was fantastic to work with. His enthusiasm is infectious. He is a kind and genuinely engaging individual. And he both held the audience in the palm of his hand and absolutely threw them into hysterical laughter. I would highly recommend him to others.Looking forward to future opportunities!"
~ VMWorld, Clare O'Boyle

"Instantly gratifying"
"Jay's session was a brisk-paced immersion allowing designers at various levels of understanding to quickly grasp basic hardware/software prototyping approaches. The Makey Makey session was instantly gratifying as well...enabling exploration by seasoned digital experts and those just exploring the domain alike."
~ IDEO, Danny Stillion

"Jay's speaking style is both playful & profound. He takes us through the fascinating tales of his own learning and innovation, and with his infectious enthusiasm he brings us to a greater perspective on the world, ourselves, and the power that we all have to innovate. WARNING! Listening to Jay Silver may make people start to believe they can change the way the world works. Extended listening may result in creative confidence. Consider yourself warned!

~ The Tech Museum, Bridget Rigby

"Accessible and fun"
"Jay Silver is an enthusiastic and genuine speaker who brought imagery and color to his presentation, making it accessible and fun for kids and adults."
~ Lawrence Hall of Science, Monika Mayer