Jay Silver
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Jay Silver is the Founder/CEO of JoyLabz/Makey Makey and was the first ever Maker Research Scientist at Intel. Jay's MIT PhD topic was World as Construction Kit. He made many creative platforms such as Drawdio (Time's Top 15 Toys for Young Geniuses) and Makey Makey (Kickstarted for $500,000, Pop Sci Best of ToyFair). Jay has been a speaker at many TED events, exhibited artwork internationally, and been named a Top 100 Inspirational World Changer by DELL. He sits on the board of directors of Maker Ed, One Day on Earth, and Sunseed Food. Jay works with teens at places like Not Back to School Camp, and he believes that being a romantic is of the utmost importance.

Formal Education:
Bachelors from Georgia Tech, Electrical Engineering, named Engineer of the Year
Master's from Cambridge University, Internet Technology, funded by Gates Scholarship
Master’s from MIT Media Lab, Media Technology, funded by NSF Fellowship
PhD from MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten, Lemelson Prize for Inventiveness


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