Jay Silver
What would be onederful?

World as Construction KitJay Silver's PhD thesis topic. The simultaneous combination of exploration and creative action leads to a new way of seeing the world. Hand Made Mother BoardFor Camera for the Invisible. Milled on a modella. CAD'ed in Eagle. Drawdio Mushroom OrganWorkshop for children at the National Taiwan Musuem of Fine Arts. 12-year-old girl makes a playable musical organ out of local mushroom stems, hot glue, electrical tape, and resistors. TEDx Santa CruzJay Silver Presents "World as Construction Kit" Scratch: Imagine, Program, SharePhoto from article in Communications of the ACM 2009. Brush with GeniusCommercial version of the Drawdio Paintbrush from University Games' Colorforms toy line. Camera for the Invisible before AssemblyCherry wood on the laser cutter. Lens for Camera for the InvisibleMade with screws that hold the case together, carry the sensor signal, and make magnetic connection to the camera body. Design Blocks WorkshopWith Evelyn Eastmond for Radical Design for Learning class. Drawdio Circuit Thumbtacked to a Standard Pencil Awareness Watch, Early PrototypeAwareness watch re-minds the wearer to remain conscious of a concept of their choosing (posture, breathing, patience, etc.) Covert Alert, a Squatter's CompanionCommissioned by a squatter in need of a silent alarm. Awareness Mapping in BangaloreChildren in the slums were asked to take photos of "Nature" in their urban environment. Drawdio Circuit attached to a Kitchen SinkThe electricity flows through the running water. Pico Crickets Workshop - MexicoParticipants create interactive objects. Intel Labs Anthropology StudyCustomized sensors for automotive study Deep RelaxationYoga Nidra with some students at Drishya. Jay is a trained yoga teacher, but here he is just following along. Singing FingersiOS app enables finger painting with sound StrawdioDrinking with sound by workshop participant. Leaf Business Cards The First Ever Drawdio Pencil TwinkleColors of the World are a Musical Score Andy Goldsworthy WorkshopParticipant used hue fading technique by sortling and arranging leaves.
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