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Exploring Urban Nature
A Case Study of Becoming an Explorer - Dec. 2007
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Tourists vs. Natives?
Here, Shutsu differentiates between someone who's just visiting a landscape and someone who is part of the landscape.
A Term that Relates a Person to His Land
Ryan talks about his experience with Native Hawaiians.

Can I Become Native?
I am fascinated with the question of how someone becomes Native in a place. Do they have to be born there as Ryan hints at? Can you just be a visitor somewhere or do you have to live there as Shutsu hints at? Can anyone ever be a native in a city at all? I'm starting to think Nativeness has a lot to do with respect for the land. It's often that respect comes from the need to interact with the land. A certain care may arise from a dependence on the land... like a 'don't ruin the land that supports you' kind of thing. But I also think respect for the land can spring from awareness and understanding. Just like we can learn to empathize with what another person is going through, we can also come to understand aspects of how a landscape works, and through that awareness gain a respect for the intricacies and value inherent in any landscape... urban or otherwise.
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