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Exploring Urban Nature
A Case Study of Becoming an Explorer - Dec. 2007
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What Urban Nature do People See?
Immediately after interviewing David Foxe, I went out on the street. I decided to try to get the perspective of a typical citizen, so I asked the first person that passed a few questions about nature.

More than Visual
Even though it was only a sample of one I got a lot of insight. He focused on the visual, and further the apparent. But he didn't seem unthoughtful or ignorant of nature at all. As he says, "I think I appreciate them if they strike my consciousness, I'm not sure I look for them." I imagine many people react this way to their landscape. *React* being the point. If something strikes them. What I wonder is, what process can you offer people so that they can engage more actively in looking... indeed "seeing" with their whole bodies? I proceeded to interview more students from "The Future City" to see how the process they had gone through influenced their ways of "seeing."
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