Human touch is such an important part of our existence. "ok2touch" is a jacket that encourages people to empathetically make contact. The magic "skin-to-skin on-switch" can be triggered simply by bumping noses, holding hands, or touching "E.T." fingers. Your entire body becomes a musical instrument!

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Exhibited at the Boston Museum of Science starting September 2008, Official entry in Seamless Fashion Show and 2nd Skin at the Exploratorium.
Coverage: cnet video, and blog and
BoingBoing TV coverage (opens with ok2touch then interview starts 2 minutes and 38 seconds in)

It is all about appropriate physical contact in a day and age where inappropriate physical contact is heavily discouraged, but appropriate and indeed necessary skin-to-skin physical contact between people isn't championed. In India it's normal to see two heterosexual males walking down the street holding hands. On a Boston playground, two children stand face-to-face swinging hands discussing a play-plan. ok2touch allows people to playfully compose music on eachother's skin when one person touches the other person's jacket in an appropriate place such as the arm. The skin-to-skin contact is the magic "on switch".

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